Hassle Free Insurance Repairs

Contacting insurance companies can be a real nightmare. Let Broughty Ferry Auto Services take away the stress and get you back on the road - we offer no hassle quality repair whether you are insured comprehensively or third party. We will assist you in reporting the accident to your Insurance Company and will ascertain the level of cover on your policy including any policy excess which applies.

We will arrange to have your vehicle inspected, advise of your repair date and organise a courtesy car if required.

Your car, it's your choice

Following an accident, it's your legal right to have your car repaired anywhere of your choice.

If you contact your insurance company, they may try to get the repairs done at the lowest possible price without caring as much about the quality of the repair as you do. You do not need to use your insurance company's favoured establishment, so look after your car and not the insurance company's profits! Only one repair estimate is required. The one from your preferred repairer.

Remember it's your car, you paid the insurance premium. Don't let your insurance company give you the run-around.

You do not need 2 estimates, you will still get a courtesy car and your repair will carry a guarantee. Just ask your insurer for a claim number, pass it on to us and we will submit the estimate direct to the insurer and will act on your behalf to make sure that your claim goes smoothly.